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NIO and Southern Heshun team up on smart charging and battery swapping

SHENZHEN – Smart EV startup NIO and Southern Heshun Electric Vehicle Industry Service Co., a subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Shenzhen on December 27 where the two will work together to construct charging and battery swapping equipment that features intelligent mobile connectivity technology.

Shen Fei, vice president of Power Management at NIO, stated that NIO has connected charging piles to the mobile internet and users only need to use the NIO app to enjoy a more convenient charging experience. “Our cooperation with Southern Heshun will help us further improve the distribution of our super charger network and user experience, especially in Guangdong province and cities close to Guangdong,” said Shen.

“Southern Heshun has always been committed to creating a new energy ecosystem that is made up of charging networks, car connectivity and energy grids. We possess mature technology capabilities for developing charging piles and other new energy products and services including advanced manufacturing, energy conservation, energy distribution and storage,” said Zou Dazhong, president of Southern Heshun. “I believe our cooperation with NIO will lead to improving the whole new energy industry.”

In November, NIO and State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co. reached a strategic cooperation agreement to work more closely on EV projects, primarily charging and battery swapping network construction and operation, battery energy storage as well as other energy solutions.

NIO has now cooperated with China’s two main power grid operators Southern Heshun and State Grid for NIO’s power service system – NIO Power, which was unveiled on December 16 and includes Power Home, super charger network, Power Swap and Power Mobile. The super charger network has entered the final stage of development and will further improve charging and battery swapping experience for NIO’s users.

Charging piles installed and operated by Southern Heshun are primarily in Shenzhen and nearby areas; the charging network developed by State Grid covers nine vertical highways and nine horizontal highways across China, a total of 1,224 motorway service areas nationwide.

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