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NIO goes to Beijing

BEIJING – NIO brought its ES8 to Beijing and displayed the vehicle for five days starting on September 9 in The Place which is on the side of Tesla’s first China experience center in the city.

On the same day, William Li, founder of NIO, announced in Tianjin that the ES8 will be launched to the market in mid-December this year.

The ES8 is a 7-seater high-performance electric SUV for the China market. It is positioned to compete with Tesla’s Model X and its price will be below ¥1 million. Currently, NIO is working with JAC in production of the ES8.

According to NIO sales persons, the ES8 can use State Grid’s charging stations, but NIO will build its own fast charging and battery swap stations, and the company might put detachable battery packs for lease to free consumers from concerns on wear and tear of their batteries.

The experience area in the exhibiting booth in The Place has a style of North Europe and there is a children’s playground in the area, which indicates NIO hopes to bring a brand culture which is embedded with both technology and warmth to visitors in its first experience center to be opened in October this year.

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