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NIO in the House: Smart EV startup opens first user center ahead of ES8 launch

BEIJING – Calling it a living space for its users and friends where they can have a joyful lifestyle beyond the car, smart EV startup NIO opened its first user center in Beijing on November 25 ahead of its ES8 launch this month.

The opening of its first user center, located in the southeast corner of the Oriental Plaza on Beijing’s Chang’an Avenue, attracted nearly 1,000 users and fans.

The NIO House, the largest brand experience center in Beijing, occupies over 32,000 square feet, and has two floors and seven main areas including Labs, Library, Open Kitchen, Joy Camp (for kids), Gallery, Living Room and Forum. Annual rental cost for the venue, according to some estimates, is around ¥115 million.

“Today, we are proud to unveil our first NIO House. As we prepare to officially launch the NIO ES8 on December 16, we would like everyone to first experience what makes NIO especially unique – NIO’s beyond the car experiences,” said William Li, founder and chairman of NIO. “The NIO House is a special place where our loyal users can grow together with our brand.”

Zhao Yuhui, vice president of NIO User Center, told the media that NIO’s goal is to make every NIO user more comfortable truly based on their needs and preferences. NIO House would try to create a sense of joy and belonging for NIO users, so that they can share their own values while experiencing the brand’s value. In essence, every user becomes a sales person for NIO.

NIO plans to open 10 additional NIO Houses in 10 different cities across China including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Nanjing by the end of 2018, and each NIO House will be located in each city’s central business district and occupy over 1,000 square meters with a unique layout to suit local users’ needs.

More than 8,000 people have made reservations online for the ES8, NIO’s first electric SUV, which is expected to retail at around ¥450,000.

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