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NIO produces 10,000th ES6, cumulative deliveries nears 29,000 as of November

HEFEI, Anhui – Chinese smart EV startup NIO celebrated the production of the 10,000th ES6 smart electric SUV at the JAC NIO Advanced Manufacturing Center here on December 5.

The milestone comes a little over six months after it began production of its second model on May 28 and a little over a year after NIO produced the 10,000th ES8 on November 27, 2018.

On the same day, NIO announced that it delivered 2,528 vehicles in November 2019, including 2,067 ES6s and 461 ES8s, bringing cumulative deliveries of the two vehicles as of November 30, 2019 to 28,743 vehicles since deliveries of the ES8 began on June 28, 2018. January-November 2019 deliveries totaled 17,395 vehicles, including 8,896 ES6s.

“In November, we achieved another month of solid delivery results as we expanded our sales network by adding more NIO Spaces. By the end of November, NIO and our partners successfully opened 37 NIO Spaces in total. Together with 21 NIO Houses, we have expanded our sales network coverage to 41 cities,” said William Li, founder, chairman and CEO of NIO. “Our strong sales performance was also attributable to the competitiveness of our ES6 among all premium electric SUVs and the passionate endorsement by our existing users. In addition, our ES8 sales started to rebound from the recent soft patch, improving more than 50 percent month-over-month in November. As we continue to build more cost-effective NIO Spaces and improve the performance of the existing ones, we are confident in our deliveries going forward.”

NIO will unveil the ES6 Coupé, its third model, at NIO Day 2019 to be held on December 28 in Shenzhen. Share prices rose 0.83 percent on December 4 to $2.42, putting NIO at a valuation of about $2.59 billion.

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