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October Mercedes-Benz end-user sales in China surpass BMW, SUVs drive super luxury segment

According to data from CBU Analytics, relying on strong growth of several main models like the C-Class, Mercedes-Benz registration volume reached 41,239 units in October, up 26.72 percent, and surpassed BMW’s end-user sales in October.

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz sales from January to October reached 387,189 units, or 104.94 percent of the brand’s total registration volume in 2015 and surpassed the 380,950 BMWs registered in the same period.

BMW October sales reached 40,199 units, up 15.01 percent, driven by the new generation of BMW X1. However, Audi decreased 10.07 percent to 42,757 units. Although, with 1.6L tax break, 1.4T Audi A3 and 1.4T Audi Q3 showed strong growth, new generation of Audi A4L end-user sales were well below expectations and even decreased 67.57 percent year-on-year, while current Audi A6L and Audi Q5 stopped growth in October.

The combined registration volume of Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, MINI and smart vehicles reached 128,594 units, accounting for 72.61 percent of premium models’ total registration volume. The top 10 bestselling premium models were all from the German trio of “ABB:” four from Audi, four from Mercedes-Benz and two from BMW.

For other premium brands in October, Cadillac sales reached 11,132 units, up 90.16 percent. The XT5 sales reached 4,167 units, ATS-L sales increased 58.58 percent, and XTS increased 55.37 percent.

Lexus sales reached 9,834 units, up 35.32 percent, and hybrid models accounted for 23.92 percent of Lexus registration volume.

Jaguar reached 1,958 units, up 124.54 percent, with the F-PACE reaching 774 units and locally-produced XFL reaching 572 units.

Acura surged 265.55 percent to 1,093 units, powered by the locally-produced Acura CDX, selling 840 units.

However, DS sales decreased 36.83 percent in October and fell 43.06 percent from January to October. Predictably, monthly registration volume of DS will surpassed by that of Acura soon.

Volkswagen Phideon, Volkswagen brand’s “premium” car model produced at SAIC-Volkswagen, had registration volume of 242 units, up 101.67 percent compared with the volume of the imported Phaeton in the previous year.

In October, China’s registration volume of premium brand passenger vehicles reached 119,576 units, up 16.71 percent, accounting for 8.73 percent of total passenger vehicle registration volume with almost a third locally-produced. Premium brand passenger vehicle registration reached 1.77 million through to October, up 11.51 percent.

For super luxury brands in October, Maserati sales reached 1,221 units, up 122.4 percent sharply thanks to the Levante, the brand’s first SUV, which sold 720 units. Bentley sales reached 175 units, up 71.57 percent with the brand’s first SUV Bentayga selling 28 units. Super luxury brands have turned to new SUV models to rejuvenate growth.

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