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PV end-user sales drop slightly, brand performance mixed in February 2017

According to data from CBU Analytics, China’s registration volume of passenger cars, MPVs and SUVs in February 2017 totaled 1.15 million units, down 4.58 percent year-on-year. Passenger vehicles with engine displacement of 1.6L and below took up 64.28 percent of the total PV registration volume in the month, slightly better than the previous month.

In February 2017, the top 10 Chinese groups by passenger vehicle end-user sales were SAIC, Dongfeng, FAW, Chang’an, BAIC, GAC, Geely, Great Wall, Brilliance and Chery. Their combined sales reached 1.04 million units, down 4.57 percent, accounting for 90.21 percent of the total PV registration volume.

GAC end-user sales increased 23.43 percent, driven by GAC Motor Trumpchi’s 63.58 percent growth. Sales of Geely Group kept surging in February with an increase of 48.68 percent, driven by Geely brand’s 50.75 percent growth and Volvo Cars’ locally-produced models’ 23.56 percent growth.

In February, the top 10 passenger vehicle brands in end-user sales were Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, Wuling, Geely, Chang’an, Baojun, Nissan, Buick and Ford. Their combined sales reached 614,747 units, up 1.57 percent, accounting for 53.30 percent of the total PV registration volume.

Honda increased 27.37 percent to 68,406 units, powered by 12,395 units of the Honda Civic. Toyota increased 25.24 percent to 62,094 units, breaking Toyota’s plain performance since April 2016. Geely brand surged 50.75 percent to 52,313 units. Baojun increased 21.05 percent to 49,725 units. However, Chang’an brand decreased 21.45 percent and Chang’an Honor decreased 35.42 percent.

The top 10 provinces in PV registration volume were Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Anhui, Hunan and Yunnan. Their combined sales reached 700,518 units, accounting for 60.74 percent of the national total. SUVs accounted for 35.21 percent of the registration volume.

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