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CAMC Hualing sets sales target of 30,000 units with focus on tractor trailers in 2018

ZHENGZHOU, Henan – CAMC Hualing has set a sales target of 30,000 heavy-duty trucks in 2018 with tractor trailers taking 40 percent to 12,000 units, according to a company announcement at its 2018 business conference held here on January 18.

CAMC Hualing fulfilled orders of 18,700 heavy-duty trucks in 2017, up 34.47 percent on a yearly basis, taking lead in special-purpose vehicle segment, thanks to the continued growth of economy and fast increase in fixed assets in the country last year, said Ge Xiaosheng, assistant to the president of CAMC Hualing, in his marketing report at the conference. Production and sales of special-purpose vehicle equipment reached 10,392 units/sets, a year-on-year increase of 101.32 percent. The Hanma power engines also saw output and sales rise of 66.97 percent from the previous year to about 18,000 units, Ge reported.

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