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Ford's all new focus: getting fit and healthy as China 2025 Plan takes off

CHONGQING – Peter Fleet, Ford’s group vice president and president of Asia Pacific, admitted that sales of the U.S. automaker in China will continue to be down for the remainder of this year as it focuses on efforts to streamline its sales network and begins a new round of product offensive that will see it launch 50 new vehicles in the country by 2025.

“We have been very open that our sales volumes have been off a little and are going to be off a little this year as a result of where we are on our product cycle plans,” said Fleet in an interview prior to the global debut of the All New Focus in Chongqing on April 10. “We have this amazing product onslaught which will start with the vehicles you will see in a few moments. We start selling those vehicles towards the end of this year. Until we get to those new products, our sales volumes are likely to continue to be off just a little versus last year.”

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