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Sales of public transport buses of 5-m and longer down 53.42 percent in April

BEIJING – China sold 3,823 public transport buses of 5m and longer in April, down 53.42 percent from a year ago, according to data from

Sales in the first four months of the year were down 57.21 percent to 10,024 units.

The segment has been weak for some time but April showed a month-on-month increase of 29.46 percent.

It was quite a mixed bag in terms of individual manufacturer performance. Foton jumped to No. 1 in April with sales increasing 62.15 percent to 587 units, continuing its steady rise since the beginning of the year: No. 6 in January, No. 4 in February and No. 2 in March. This helped its cumulative sales ranking in the first months rise to No. 2 behind Yutong, with sales up 3 percent to 1,530 units.

Dandong Huanghai and Chengdu Bus entered the top 10 sales ranking for the first time as new players. Nanjing King Long, although not a strange name in the bus industry, also entered the top 10 ranking of manufacturers of public transport buses of 5-m and longer. Considering that it sells mostly new energy buses, it’s all the more significant that it cracked the top 10 ranking.

It is interesting to note that the three “dark horses” of Dandong Huanghai, Chengdu Bus and Nanjing King Long had cumulative sales of only 19, 0 and 1 unit through to March. Does the explosive increase in sales in April mean that the public transport market is back in swing?  


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