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SC-Cloud platform launched to provide data service tor truck industry

XI’AN, Shaanxi – The SC-Cloud system, jointly developed by a telematics subsidiary of Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (Shaanxi Auto) and Xi’an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (Xi’an Cummins) made its official launch recently, according to a report on

Through data collection, data analysis and data application, the SC-Cloud system provides a combined information platform for OEMs, engine manufacturers, dealers, service providers and heavy-duty truck users. Boasting accurate predictions and active services, the SC-Cloud platform can solve users’ problems encountered on road as well as provide solutions for potential problems in advance.

The core value of the SC-Cloud platform includes:

First, precise prognosis and active service. By data collection and data modeling, the SC-Cloud platform can realize management on logistics hot points, malfunction prediction and warning, and service stations. Based on the service station management, the SC-Cloud platform can offer the best choice on service stations for its clients who need repair services on road, and then inform relevant parties to prepare and provide services for its clients.

Second, precise analysis. The SC-Cloud platform can make single vehicle data analysis, client business operation report and dynamic property analysis, which can help its clients obtain their vehicle operating conditions timely and improve vehicle fleet management efficiency

In 2017, Shaanxi Auto’s telematics business will mainly focus on the following four areas: first, launch Android vehicle terminal including in-vehicle wifi, real time intercom, freight transport navigation and real time road conditions to further diversify hardware functions; second, make breakthroughs in segmented markets including slag truck transport, container transport and hazardous chemicals transport; third, in terms of customer experience, improve penetration rate of vehicle loans, offer three months of free vehicle experience for logistics customers, and provide more vehicles for service on road; and four, establish telematics service centers across the country based on the current service station network to improve timeliness of aftersales service.

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