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Scania Xinjiang maintenance shop inaugurated

URUMCHI, Xinjiang – Scania inaugurated its new maintenance shop here on June 8.

The maintenance shop is built by Scania’s dealer in Xinjiang.

Covering a land area of 20,000 square meters, the maintenance shop is located in Jinhui West Road and has an investment of ¥50 million ($7.3 million). All the facilities and equipment in the shop are all conformed to Scania European standards.

“Design and construction of the new shop are based on Scania European standards to ensure a fast and high-quality service for customers,” said Jiang He, manager of Scania’s Xinjiang dealership.

“As the vital channel for Scania’s products and services to enter the China market, the operation and service of dealers play key roles in providing Chinese customers with Scania’s world-class services,” said Steve Wager, president of Scania China. “Dealers are important partners of Scania in China and we will make every effort to help them grow.”

Scania China plans to add eight new dealers or service centers in China between 2017 and 2019, and by then, it will have a total of 45 dealers or service centers in the country with a sales and service network covering China’s coastal regions and major inland provinces.

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