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Shaanxi Auto starts construction of new energy vehicle industry base

BAOJI, Shaanxi – Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group (Shaanxi Auto) has started construction of its commercial vehicle and new energy vehicle industry base in Baoji.

Shaanxi Auto has set up in Baoji since 1968 and developed rapidly. Since 2017, Shaanxi Auto has entered into the top three in the domestic market. Its production and sales are expected to exceed 180,000 vehicles, which is the best operation level for Shanxi Auto in nearly 50 years.

Yuan Hongming, chairman of Shaanxi Auto, introduced that the total investment of this project was ¥5 billion, which would occupy a land area of over 133.33 hectares and is divided into two phases of construction. The first phase has an investment of ¥3 billion, which would form annual output capacity of 100,000 vehicles and output value of ¥30 billion through whole vehicles, parts and related industrial clusters. The second phase would try to make output values exceed ¥40 billion based on market conditions.

Ma Yun, executive vice mayor of Baoji, pointed out that the construction of this base had significant meaning for improving overall competitiveness and promoting enterprise transformation and upgrading, which also could further accelerate the development of Baoji’s industrial economy. Baoji would optimize the investment environment, increase support for the project and ensure the completion of the project on time.

After putting into production, this project will expand Shaanxi automobile industrial scale, provide 200 jobs for local poor families and realize the drive of “new energy + intelligent interconnection.” At the same time, Shaanxi Auto will integrate the most advanced technologies in the field of commercial vehicle intelligent manufacturing and accumulate experience for Shaanxi’s manufacturing industry in the aspects of establishment and demonstrated promotion of standard system, intelligent equipment development and key technology innovation.

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