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SinoGolden September

ZIBO, Shandong – SINOGOLD, yet another new brand, has emerged onto the Chinese new energy vehicle (NEV) scene.

The brand unveiled its first battery electric vehicle, the GM3 MPV, at its production facilities here on September 27, just 21 months after the company was established as part of the SINOGOLD Group, which owns a number of vehicle and NEV components manufacturers.

With a registered capital of ¥1.25 billion and headed by industry veteran Su Jinhe, SINOGOLD plans to produce 200,000 MPVs, SUVs and cars per year as well as the same numbers of motors, electronic control units and power battery packs.

The 6-seater GM3 has a range of 360 km and can be charged to 80 percent full in 30 minutes via fast charging or have its battery pack swapped in three minutes.

SINOGOLD plans to launch a total of seven fully-electric models from four platforms by 2023, including three cars, one crossover, two SUVs and an MPV covering a price range of ¥40,000 to ¥200,000.

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