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Swings and more: preview of Beijing’s LYNK & CO Center No. 01

BEIJING – Less than a month before LYNK & CO launches its first model, the 01 SUV, the brand’s first “4S” dealership in Beijing is also getting ready to greet its first customers.

The LYNK & CO Center, as it is called, is situated on the east side of Beijing inside a popular automobile park composed of a host of 4S dealerships under various brands.

The most notable element of the LYNK & CO Center is a set of swings on the left side of the showroom as you enter, the same element used at LYNK & CO’s auto show stands and events reflecting the brand’s fun and unorthodox genes. The Center is open, wide and bright with Scandinavian style furniture and interior decoration.

The LYNK & CO Center is one of the three distribution formats the joint venture high-end brand from Geely and Volvo Cars is offering. It is mostly a traditional 4S dealership style venue mostly situated on the outskirts of cities. The brand also opened its LYNK & CO Space worldwide in Hangzhou on October 25, a showroom and experience center mostly situated in malls in city centers with quick fix and maintenance options. An online LYNK & CO Mall will also soon be available where customers can order cars online and follow the entire production, offline and delivery process.

LYNK & CO has so far received franchise applications from more than 1,000 dealers and is expected to open about 100 LYNK & CO Centers and Spaces by yearend.

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