AIWAYS and Bosch to jointly develop core technologies for intelligent mobility

SHANGHAI – Smart EV startup AIWAYS and Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement on November 30 to jointly develop advanced electric vehicle system technologies and autonomous driving, lightweight and IOV technologies. Gu Feng, co-founder, CEO and CFO of AIWAYS, said that users had higher and higher

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See you in 2018 and 2019: AIWAYS’ first cars and next investment on their way

SHANGRAO, Jiangxi – Fu Qiang believes as long as AIWAYS remains conscientious and serious about building products and a company, production approval will come naturally. The co-founder and president of China’s latest smart EV startup made the comments at a media briefing here on September 29 on the sidelines of

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Old vs. new: Who wins?

Who holds an edge? Traditional carmakers or “internet” carmakers that have emerged over recent years? Senior executives from sides debated the issue at a roundtable session at the 2017 International Forum (TEDA) on Chinese Automotive Industry Development (IFCAID) on September 10:     Traditional carmakers:   Liu Jingliang, Vice President,

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