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Radical thinking outside the car: a lot at stake for Geely’s LYNK & CO

The brand that plans to change an industry that has been “sleeping” for the past 130 years has finally arrived. It’s LYNK & CO, a new brand from Geely Holding Group with heavy European roots and a lot of help from Geely-owned Volvo Cars. It is basically a mid- to

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LYNK & CO is a new car brand aiming to reshape the sleeping auto industry

Cars come from China? Nobody has bought them in Western Europe or the U.S. so far. LYNK & CO, a startup and a new brand dares to go global with support from Geely and Volvo. Alain Visser, a member of the board of directors of Volvo Cars’ parent company

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Alain Visser appointed global marketing and sales VP at Geely

BEIJING – Alain Visser has been named as the new vice president of global marketing and sales of Volvo Cars’ sister company Geely Auto, according to a Volvo Car Group news release on September 30. Björn Annwall has succeeded Visser as the senior vice president of marketing, sales and service

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