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From NEV to CEV: the government work report and the auto industry

The annual sessions for the CPPCC and NPC, China's top legislative and advisory bodies, were held in early March. The Two Sessions is a time for automotive executives who are also CPPCC or NPC members to submit a variety of proposals and motions aimed at improving the industry and in

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Service key to building competitiveness, says Shaanxi Auto’s Yuan Hongming

WUHAN, Hubei – Aftersales service, especially product lifecycle service, is key for Chinese automakers to achieve growth and breakthrough in competitiveness, according to Yuan Hongming, president and deputy Party secretary of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group Corp. Yuan made the comment at the 4th annual Global Automotive Forum (GAF) held in Wuhan,

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China’s investment in EVs to be “substantial” and talent is key, says SAE-China secretary general

BEIJING - China's investment in the development and industrialization of electric vehicles and other alternative forms of vehicle propulsion will be "substantial" over the next five years, according to SAE-China director at a symposium here on June 26.    "The investment level during China's 12th Five-Year Plan Period (2011-2015) will be

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