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Baidu receives Chongqing’s first autonomous vehicle testing permit, gains 100th Apollo partner

CHONGQING – Baidu became one of the first companies to receive permits for the testing of autonomous vehicles on designated open roads in Chongqing on April 18, through passing Chongqing’s related departments’ autonomous driving ability assessment based on tests in enclosed environments and expert reviews. Previously, Chongqing launched the Regulations

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Baidu and Sokon team up to begin volume production of L3 autonomous vehicles by 2020

CHONGQING – Baidu and Chongqing Sokon Industry Group Corp. signed a strategic collaboration framework agreement here on April 2 in the fields of autonomous driving, Internet of vehicle (IOV), cloud services and others. In the area of autonomous driving, the two partners aim to begin volume production of Level 3 autonomous

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The autonomous driving “China speed”

In earlier January, I traveled with ZF to CES 2018 in Las Vegas and 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. As different as they were – one showcased advanced technologies or technology concepts and the other showcased, well, simply new concepts and cars – the two events gave me

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Apollo lands in Xiong’an: Baidu tests its autonomous vehicle fleet south of Beijing

XIONG’AN, Hebei – Baidu’s Apollo autonomous vehicle fleet “landed” here on December 20 and made a series of test runs over a stretch of roads about 4-km long. The Apollo Board also had its first meeting there on the same day. The Apollo Board consists of Baidu and nine other

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Go broader and leaner: Ford’s “China 2025 Plan” to focus on SUV and electric push, connectivity, distribution and ownership experience

Bill Ford, Executive Chairman, Ford Motor Company, shares his views on the fast-changing automotive industry. SHANGHAI – Ford Motor Co. is going all in in the Chinese market with an ambitious expansion strategy focused on SUVs, electric and connected vehicles, a streamlined business structure and closer connections with its Chinese customers. The

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Baidu and King Long to work on autonomous shuttle bus, trial operation to begin 2018

BEIJING – Baidu and Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing on October 17 to jointly put into small-scale volume production and trial operation of small autonomous shuttle buses that run in closed loops by the end of July 2018. The plan,

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Microsoft to provide cloud services for Baidu’s Apollo partners outside China

REDMOND, Washington – Microsoft Corp. and Baidu Inc. announced plans on July 18 to partner in order to take the technical development and adoption of autonomous driving worldwide. As a member of the Apollo alliance, Microsoft will provide global scale for Apollo outside of China with the Microsoft Azure cloud.

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China to step up autonomous driving efforts

Chinese internet search and tech giant Baidu detailed its Project Apollo at the Baidu Create 2017, or its first artificial intelligence (AI) developer conference held in Beijing on July 5 (see FEATURE on p. 1). Video clips displayed at the event showed its CEO Robin Li riding in an autonomous

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Baidu launches “Project Apollo”, sees China taking global lead in autonomous driving in 3-5 years

BEIJING – The Apollo has landed in the Chinese and global autonomous driving orbit. After nearly three months of buildup, Chinese internet search giant Baidu released details of its “Project Apollo” – an open, complete and secure platform to help developers accelerate R&D of autonomous driving systems – at the

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FAW and Baidu sign strategic cooperation framework agreement

BEIJING – FAW Group and Baidu signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement here on July 3, two days before Baidu announced much-awaited “Project Apollo” open platform for autonomous driving. The two partners will deepen cooperation in the field of telematics products, autonomous driving, brand promotion, innovative sales & marketing and

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