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A multi-billion RMB bet ¨C Chinese mobility service market

The giant global auto industry is experiencing unprecedented disruption as its 130-year-old business model is turned completely inside out. Such changes are happening faster in China than in the rest of the world, where the size and scale of the urban population and the sheer numbers of virtuous connected consumers

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Baidu sets up business unit for autonomous driving technologies

BEIJING – China’s largest online search company Baidu Inc. announced establishment of a business unit for autonomous driving technologies in Beijing on December 14. This comes only several days after it announced the successful completion of “rigorous, fully-automated tests” of self-driving technology implanted within a modified BMW 3-Series car. The

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Vanessa Moriel: China eager for localized inter-disciplinary talents

More and more multinational companies in China start to hire local top management (level 1/level 2) talent in China in their recruitment efforts, said Vanessa Moriel, managing director, Asia and Founder of Human Capital Partners (HCP). Multinationals tend to select “Best in Class” talents for shared services, for example, for

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China tech firms shake up world’s biggest car market

  By Relaxnews Chinese technology giants Alibaba and Tencent are promising to build the cars of the future, vehicles linked seamlessly to the Internet and offering shopping and navigation help while on the road. E-commerce company Alibaba and WeChat messaging app provider Tencent have both announced plans for cars in

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Pateo has lofty goals for smart car business

Freeman Shen took over as Pateo’s CEO in January. Since then, he has been focused on building up a globally competitive team for the company. Pateo chairman Ken Ying has decided on a new direction for Pateo’s future: smart cars. According to Ying’s plans, they will have a whole new

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