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Delphi partners with AutoNavi to provide connected infotainment and navigation systems

SHANGHAI – Delphi announced on October 27 that it has reached a strategic partnership with leading Chinese map and location service supplier AutoNavi affiliated with Alibaba to enhance Delphi’s support to customers in the Chinese market on connected infotainment and navigation systems. The non-exclusive agreement outlines a framework for co-operation

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Dongfeng-Venucia and AutoNavi reach strategic cooperation on telematics

BEIJING – Dongfeng-Venucia Automobile Co., Ltd. and AutoNavi Information Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing on August 14 to carry out comprehensive cooperation in telematics. Dongfeng-Venucia and AutoNavi will cooperate in location services, mapping platforms, high-precision maps and ADAS to provide users better driving experiences. In

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Carmakers should avoid becoming the next Nokia, warns Autonavi’s Wei Dong

TIANJIN – Carmakers should stop thinking like “nobles” and avoid becoming the next Nokia, warned Wei Dong, vice president of Alibaba’s Mobile Business Group and president of Autonavi’s Automotive Business Division. “The auto industry is undergoing an ‘ecosystem remolding’ and connectivity is the major force behind it,” said Wei in

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SOAD 2016: executives bullish on autonomous driving, but issues remain to be tackled

XIAMEN, Fujian – Industry executives and officials who spoke at the 2016 Summit on Auto Data (SOAD 2016) held here on July 21 were bullish on China’s path toward autonomous driving and intelligent transportation but also emphasized that industry stakeholders must work together to move the industry forward and tackle

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