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China to step up autonomous driving efforts

Chinese internet search and tech giant Baidu detailed its Project Apollo at the Baidu Create 2017, or its first artificial intelligence (AI) developer conference held in Beijing on July 5 (see FEATURE on p. 1). Video clips displayed at the event showed its CEO Robin Li riding in an autonomous

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UISEE sees a driverless car future happening today

LAS VEGAS – A few steps away from Nissan’s stand inside the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall at this year’s CES sat an unconventional, bread loaf-shaped vehicle with a front and rear indistinguishable from each other at first glance. Unless you take a closer look or climb in from

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Will AI free Beijing from traffic jams in the near future?

With a population of more than 30 million, Beijing citizens face traffic congestion on a regular basis despite the government’s great efforts to maintain a smooth traffic flow, such as car usage limitations, tolls, and public transport subsidies. China aims to race ahead of everyone in electrified and autonomous vehicles,

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