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May heavy-duty truck sales top 110,000 units, one million units likely for 2018

The heavy-duty truck market just witnessed its fourth month of record sales so far in 2018. About 114,000 heavy-duty trucks were sold in May, up 17 percent, while sales through to May topped 560,000 units, up 15 percent year-on-year, according to the latest manufacturer reported data obtained by cvworld.cn. May

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CV manufacturers gained by attending Auto China 2018

– by Yao Wei, CBU/CAR Guest Columnist Only five commercial vehicle manufacturers exhibited at this year’s Auto China 2018 on a total display space of less than 10,000 square meters, a sharp decline compared to the Beijing Auto Show two years ago when commercial vehicle display space totaled 26,000 square meters

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Recap of heavy-duty truck manufacturers’ annual business conferences (I)

It’s late December and that means heavy-duty truck manufacturers’ annual business conferences are in session. Following are highlights from business conferences held by FAW Jiefang, CNHTC, Shaanxi Auto and Beiben. – Editor   FAW Jiefang targeting sales of 264,000 medium and heavy-duty trucks in 2018, 304,000 in total CHENGDU –

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November heavy-duty truck sales down 9 percent, but YTD sales top one million units

After a year of explosive growth, the heavy-duty truck market had its first year-on-year sales drop in November but sales through to November nevertheless topped one million units as expected, according to the latest data reported by truck manufacturers. Sales of heavy-duty trucks shrank 9 percent in the month from

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Growth tapers off: October heavy-duty truck sales up 32 percent to 92,000 units

October heavy-duty truck sales were up 32 percent from the previous year to 92,000 units, but shrank 9 percent from September, according to the latest data provided by manufacturers, showing signs of growth tapering off after a strong fourth quarter 2016. October numbers reflect two key trends. First, monthly sales

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September heavy-duty truck sales surge 89 percent to 100,000 units

China’s monthly sales of heavy-duty trucks have broken records for four consecutive months after sales topped 100,000 units in September, according to the latest data reported by manufacturers. That follows 97,576, 90,213 and 93,666 units in June, July and August, respectively, which all surpassed the previous monthly highs

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Heavy-duty truck sales up 89 percent in July: six factors behind the surge

Sales of heavy-duty trucks in the traditional slack season of July surged 89 percent to 94,000 units, continuing surprisingly strong performance so far this year. According to analysis of cvworld.cn, six major reasons are the driving force behind the surge. First, it is the imbalance between demand and supply in

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June heavy-duty truck sales hit historical high of 95,000 units

Heavy-duty truck sales in June hit 95,000 units, surging 60 percent from the same month last year and reaching an all-time monthly high for the month, according to the latest data from manufacturers provided to cvworld.cn. The previous record for June was 93,800 units in 2010. The heavy-duty truck market

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Highlights from heavy-duty truck manufacturers’ 2017 business conferences (III)

The year 2016 marked a significant rebound of the heavy-duty truck market thanks large in part to policies such as the implementation of the GB1589-2016 standards on sizes, weights and loads as well as Ministry of Transport’s clamp down on overloading and oversizing. As a result, heavy-duty truck sales jumped

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