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Sales performance of China’s major large bus makers in May 2017

BEIJING – China’s large bus (including chassis) sales came to 5,076 units in May, up 29.79 percent from the previous month, but down 8.38 percent from the same period of last year, according to a report on cvworld.cn citing statistics by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM). Large bus sales

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Wang Xiangyin appointed president of Hawtai Motor Group

BEIJING – Wang Xiangyin, former vice president of Beiqi-Foton, has moved to Hawtai Motor Group as its new president in charge of the group’s management and operation, reporting directly to chairman of Hawtai Holding Group, according to a report on auto.sina.com.cn, citing company information. Wang Guozhu, former vice director of

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Commercial vehicle sales in May: slower growth for trucks, faster downfall for buses

According to the latest data from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), 292,800 and 298,600 commercial vehicles are produced and sold respectively in May. Sales dropped 13.01 percent from April but were up 1.40 percent from May 2015. The top 10 selling commercial vehicle manufacturers, in order of sales,

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April heavy-duty truck sales grow 14 percent to 67,000 units

China sold 67,000 heavy-duty trucks in April, up 14 percent on a yearly basis and made April the third consecutive month of growth. The minor growth of domestic consumption triggered the recovery of road logistics transportation and further pushed up the demand increase of heavy-duty trucks, especially trailers and load

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Can Foton-backed Borgward succeed in China?

BEIJING – With strong backing from Chinese truck and bus manufacturer Beiqi-Foton, German automaker Borgward, which returned to the global automotive stage a year ago in Geneva, has big plans in China.  “With our China headquarters office in Beijing officially kicking off, Borgward, as a premium automotive brand, is

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Heavy-duty truck sales about 40,000 units in January

BEIJING – Heavy-duty truck sales in the first month of the year totaled around 40,000 units, basically flat with the 39,990 units in 2015. It is unrealistic to expect any large boom in sales under the “New Normal” of China’s economy. The PMI index of China was 49.4 percent in

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MIIT releases first catalogue of NEV models eligible for subsidies

BEIJING – The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released first catalogue of new energy vehicle models which are eligible for the central government’s subsidies on January 14. Former catalogues of energy-saving and new energy vehicles released over the past years were abolished on January 1, 2016. Only 53

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August heavy-duty truck sales drop 27 percent to 35,000 units

BEIJING – Sales of heavy-duty trucks slid 27 percent to 35,000 units in August, according to the latest statistics provided by truck manufacturers. The country sold 367,700 heavy-duty trucks through to August, down 30 percent on a yearly basis, indicating a gloomy year end.   Dongfeng, China National Heavy-Duty Truck

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