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Hyundai Motor opens first global Big Data Center in China for connected mobility

GUI’AN, GUIZHOU – Hyundai Motor said in a statement on September 26 that it has opened its first global Big Data Center in Gui’an, Guizhou Province, to gather and analyze massive volumes of data collected from the company’s connected cars. The new facility will allow the Korean carmaker to expand

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GAC Group and Huawei sign strategic cooperation agreement

GUANGZHOU – Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (GAC Group) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (Huawei) here on June 21 to jointly promote the development of both companies. As revealed by GAC Group, the two companies will cooperate in the fields including enterprise management, cloud computing,

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MAS@Beijing 0315 recap: Big data to better serve automakers in market predictions and consumers in car purchasing

BEIJING – Through observation and analysis of consumers’ attention on website pages he or she clicks, predictions can be made about automobile market demand and competition, and good use of big data can help automakers effectively adjust their product positioning and marketing strategy and assist consumers choosing the most appropriate

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Foton releases driverless super truck in Shanghai

SHANGHAI – Foton Motor released China’s first super truck with autonomous driving system in Shanghai on November 14. This automatic driverless super truck is the fruit of cooperation between Foton and Chinese search giant Baidu. By adopting internet connectivity, autonomous driving and new energy technologies with Baidu’s high-precision map, navigation,

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Bus on demand: connected bus ecosystem in an era of big data

Bus on demand has brought severe impact on the traditional bus operation pattern, just as ride-hailing apps have disrupted the rules of the traditional taxi industry. It is undeniable that traditional bus can no longer satisfy the demand for convenient travel from citizens due to its delay in arrival time,

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