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Smart EVs to drive Made-in-China 2025 (II)

With a theme of “Smart EV: How it Defines Made-In-China 2025,” CBU’s 21st annual international conference was held in Beijing on May 24-25 in association with CCPIT-Auto. The one-and-a-half-day event featured 18 speakers from Chinese and global OEMs, suppliers, new startups, industry think tanks and consultancies who shared their insights

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Impact of wholly-foreign-owned companies in free trade zones

A new State Council regulation released in July allows foreign companies to set up wholly-owned enterprises in pilot free trade zones (PFTZ). These companies include manufacturers of Controller Area Network (CAN) BUS system, electric power steering system, ECUs and battery cells with energy density larger than 110 Wh/kg and a

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Geely begins construction of new plant to build high-end NEVs

NINGBO, Zhejiang – A ¥13 billion ($2.05 billion) medium-to-high end new energy passenger vehicle project with annual output capacity of 300,000 vehicles invested by Geely Holding Group began construction on April 29 inside the Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Zone (NHBNZ), according to a corporate news release. The rising Chinese

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High-end products to see better prospects under the New Normal

Many customers worry that the use of AdBlue will increase vehicle operational cost, which is a misunderstanding, according to Chen Yong, vice president of sales at Sichuan MeifBlue Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. “The average consumption of AdBlue is 3-5 percent of diesel consumption, and State-IV emissions standards-compliant vehicles with

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Patrick Leinenbach: Industry4.0 to facilitate “Made in China 2025” strategy

As an innovative technology, Bosch I4.0 can facilitate the industry in perfecting products, improving quality of automobiles as well as components, said Patrick Leinenbach, regional president of Bosch Automotive Electronics China. Features such as real-time monitoring and big data collection of I4.0 can improve product quality as well as procedure,

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Vanessa Moriel: China eager for localized inter-disciplinary talents

More and more multinational companies in China start to hire local top management (level 1/level 2) talent in China in their recruitment efforts, said Vanessa Moriel, managing director, Asia and Founder of Human Capital Partners (HCP). Multinationals tend to select “Best in Class” talents for shared services, for example, for

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Bosch Patrick Leinenbach to present at CBU/CCPIT-Auto 20th annual international conference

Patrick Leinenbach, GM of Bosch Automotive Products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. & Regional President of Bosch Automotive Electronics China will discuss “I4.0@Bosch Automotive China” at CBU/CCPIT-Auto 20th annual international conference. The theme of the 20th annual international conference will be China’s Automobile Market in the Age of E-Commerce, Connected Vehicles

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