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Europe becoming Chinese bus makers’ second home market

There is a Chinese saying that “one’s accomplishments are easily known outside his or her own unit.” The original Chinese phrase translated literally means the blooming flower inside the garden smells sweeter outside of it, which is a way to describe companies performing much better or are better known outside

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Yutong showcases 6 bus models and launches European-cloud based telematics system

KORTRIJK, Belgium – Yutong Group, the world’s largest bus maker, put nine buses under six bus models on display and officially launched an European-cloud based telematics system for buses on October 19 at the Busworld Europe Kortrijk 2017. The nine buses on display included the 12-m high-end tourism coach, high-decker

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Ankai electric double-decker open top sightseeing bus makes global debut

KORTRIJK, Belgium – Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd., the bus subsidiary of Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. (JAC), presented the world’s first battery electric double-deck open top sightseeing bus for the first time ever at the Busworld Europe Kortrijk 2017 on October 20. Ankai’s flagship luxury coach A9 also made its

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