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Byton sticking with Q4 2019 SOP, FAW cooperation a “backup plan”

BEIJING – As Byton prepares for the global debut of its second model – a luxury sedan concept capable of L4 autonomous driving – coming up on June 12 at the Byton Night prior to the start of this year’s CES Asia in Shanghai, the primary focus remains to be

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The autonomous driving “China speed”

In earlier January, I traveled with ZF to CES 2018 in Las Vegas and 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. As different as they were – one showcased advanced technologies or technology concepts and the other showcased, well, simply new concepts and cars – the two events gave me

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The Byton bet and the challenge to deliver that different interior experience

Interviewing Dr. Daniel Kirchert and listening to him respond in Chinese is as a strange experience as test riding the Byton Concept with that huge rectangle screen running across the front windshield and interacting with it not by touching but by hand gesture in the air or through a “pad”

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NEVS and DiDi partner up to provide EVs for mobility services

TROLLHATTAN, Sweden – National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) AB and DiDi Chuxing, the world’s leading mobile transportation platform, have signed a strategic partnership here to develop an electric vehicle fully optimized for the mobility services that DiDi is offering. A number of other steps toward an extensive cooperation were also finalized. The

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Chai Yongquan appointed president of Cummins Emission Solutions – China

BEIJING – Chai Yongquan, former director of sales, marketing and service at Cummins Emission Solutions (CES) – China, has been appointed president of CES – China, according to a company press release. “We have full confidence in Chai Yongquan who has strong engineering background, sharp brain in business and capability

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UISEE sees a driverless car future happening today

LAS VEGAS – A few steps away from Nissan’s stand inside the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall at this year’s CES sat an unconventional, bread loaf-shaped vehicle with a front and rear indistinguishable from each other at first glance. Unless you take a closer look or climb in from

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NVIDIA becoming a crucial player in the race to self-driving cars

During the golden age of PC and intelligent mobile phone processors, Intel has owned keynotes at CES in Las Vegas since 2012. But it was NVIDIA’s turn this year. AT CES 2017 on January 4, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang hit the prime time showing his company’s leadership in

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CES 2016: the race is on to redefine personal mobility

The automotive world converged in Las Vegas in early January for the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show), which stole the spotlights from the North American International Automobile Show (NAIAS) opened on January 11 in Detroit. Nine automakers, 10 global tier-1 suppliers and more than 115 automotive tech companies took up

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