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Local independent brand is Chinese brand

Zhu Huarong, vice president of Chang’an Automobile Group, recently posted on his Weibo (microblog on sina.com.cn) that the company has begun using Chinese brand (zhongguo pinpai) instead of independent brand (zizhu pinpai). “This will facilitate better international exchange and understanding of Chinese brands,” Zhu writes. Chang’an’s decision followed the decision

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China’s new leaders to support local brands

A major decision adopted earlier this month by the new Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee headed by Xi Jinping signals government support for local independent brands as far as government procurement and official fleets are concerned. The eight-point regulation adopted on December 4 is meant to change the

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Chang’an to showcase VOSS MPV concept at Shanghai auto show

CHONGQING – Chang’an Auto, China’s fourth biggest automaker, will showcase its all-new MPV concept dubbed the VOSS at the Shanghai auto show in April, auto.sina.com reports. The VOSS’s most striking feature is its gull wing doors which create a massive point-of-entry to the lounge-like interior, and it is the first

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Qingqi Motorcycle announces asset swap with Changan Auto

JINAN, Shandong – Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle Co., Ltd. (600698) announced Tuesday in a press conference that it will swap its total assets and liabilities for Changan Auto Group’s 100 percent stake in Huan Tyen Machinery Co., Ltd., as well as ¥200 million ($30.4 million) in cash, caixun.com reports. Qingqi Motorcycle

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