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Why Suzuki is pulling out of China

The doors of China’s automobile manufacturing sector are wide open. But the path through it will be a two-way street. With its announcement on June 15 that it has transferred all 46 percent of its equity in Changhe-Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd. to Chinese partner Changhe Automobile, Suzuki Group has likely begun a

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Chang’an Auto to acquire Hefei Chang’an for £¤440 millio

BEIJING – Chang’an Auto Co., Ltd. plans to acquire 100 percent holdings of Hefei Chang’an Auto from parent company and existing controlling shareholder China Chang’an Automobile Group Corp. (CCAG) for ¥440 million ($72 million), according to a statement issued by the domestic-listed automaker on March 3. Chang’an Auto aims

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BAIC’s expansion binge: beware of mounting debt

Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. (BAIC) began rolling off the first vehicles at its Huanghua production base in Cangzhou, Hebei Province on December 26, some eight months after production was originally scheduled to begin. The Huanghua production base, with an investment of over ¥10 billion ($1.64 billion) and annual output

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The perils of government-tailored automotive M&As

– by Wu Ming Whether it is policy driven or based on survival of the fittest, mergers and acquisitions in China’s auto industry are becoming more commonplace. The Automotive Industry Readjustment and Revitalization Plan released in 2009 clearly stipulated that China would form two to three large automotive groups with

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Changhe-Suzuki to expand engine output capacity of Jiujiang base

JINGDEZHEN, Jiangxi – Changhe-Suzuki recently confirmed to the public that Suzuki will invest ¥168 million ($26.89 million) to expand the engine output capacity of the JV’s manufacturing base in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, according to a report in Beijing News. The 150,000-unit expansion project is expected to be completed next year,

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Chang’an and Suzuki discuss mergers of two Suzuki JVs

CHONGQING – Chairman of Chang’an Automobile Group Xu Liuping and president of Suzuki Motor Osamu Suzuki met in Chongqing on September 24 to discuss the merger of Changhe-Suzuki Automobile and Chang’an-Suzuki Automobile, according to media reports. An insider suggests the merger is waiting for approval from the National Development and

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