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State Grid to build 120,000 charging poles by 2020

BEIJING – State Grid Corp. plans to build 120,000 charging poles and 10,000 charging stations for electric vehicles by 2020 to meet increasing demand for EV charging, according to Shu Yinbiao, chairman of China’s largest power grid operator. Shu made the comments at the 2016 China Electric Vehicle Charging Service

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NEV market to be driven by policies pre-2020, market post-2020

TIANJIN – China’s new energy vehicle market will be driven by policies before 2020 but the market thereafter, a consensus that was reached at a panel discussion held on the afternoon of September 3 at the 2016 International Forum (TEDA) on Chinese Automotive Industry Development. All panelists agreed that the

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“Overcharged” EV infrastructure needs to better balance supply and demand

Contrary to the popular belief that charging infrastructure, or the lack there of, is one of the major roadblocks holding back consumers’ desire to purchase an EV, the reality is that the infrastructure may be “overcharged.” That was the conclusion from one of the speakers at CBU’s Monthly Automotive Salon

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Chen Wei: Charging hampers NEV industry development, battery swap could be go to solutio

EV charging is a headache for many car owners, but Chen Wei, vice president of Lifan Holdings Co., Ltd., recommended another way: battery swapping.    “The model of charging has become a bottleneck hampering the NEV industry development. Therefore, we hope battery swapping for EVs can be a choice for

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Lei Xing: NEV supply and demand unbalanced

Even though China’s new energy vehicle market has soared over the last few years, supply and demand remains unbalanced, according to Lei Xing, chief editor of CBU/CAR. “Because of the subsidy phase-out scheme already announced by the government, sales are likely to skyrocket in the last one or two months

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China to further support NEV industry development

BEIJING – China mapped out plans to further support new energy vehicle (NEV) industry at a State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on February 24, deciding to boost green development through industry structure optimization. China should make core technological breakthroughs relying on mass entrepreneurship and innovation so

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