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Smart EVs to drive Made-in-China 2025 (III)

With a theme of “Smart EV: How it Defines Made-In-China 2025,” CBU’s 21st annual international conference was held in Beijing on May 24-25 in association with CCPIT-Auto. The one-and-a-half-day event featured 18 speakers from Chinese and global OEMs, suppliers, new startups, industry think tanks and consultancies who shared their insights

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Chen Quanshi: Low-speed EV manufacturers have three ways out

SHANGHAI – For China’s controversial low-speed electric vehicles, there are three ways out for manufacturers, suggested Chen Quanshi, director of the Auto Research Institute at Tsinghua University and a veteran expert on the Chinese EV industry. “They can upgrade vertically, horizontally or maintain their turf and hope to receive regulatory

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Tsinghua Chen Quanshi to present at CBU/CCPIT-Auto 20th annual international conference

Chen Quanshi, Director of Auto Research Institute, Tsinghua University will discuss “Analysis of Some Issues in China's NEV Development” at CBU/CCPIT-Auto 20th annual international conference. The theme of the 20th annual international conference is China’s Automobile Market in the Age of E-Commerce, Connected Vehicles and Green Mobility. It will

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Consumers key to vehicle electrificatio

SHANGHAI – For electric vehicles, “there is no customer demand,” said Richard Allen, product planning director for Ford Motor Co. in Asia-Pacific and Africa. He is exaggerating, but not by much. In France, PSA Peugeot Citroën has started selling its versions of the Mitsubishi i-Miev to individual buyers. “The initial

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A determined government essential to vehicle electrificatio

SHANGHAI – Without a determined government, the electric vehicle industry would not exist. Battery driven cars cost more and perform worse than internal combustion cars. The marketplace has rejected EVs since the invention of the starter motor made it easy to use internal combustion engines at the beginning of the

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Low-speed EVs may help China take the lead

SHANGHAI – Low-speed electric vehicles under 45 km/h and powered by lead-acid batteries, have popped up in rural China as a solution to transportation needs of farmers, creating controversy in China’s road to electrification. Prof. C.C. Chan, who founded and directs the World Electric Vehicles Association based in Hong Kong,

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Government support crucial for new energy vehicles

SHANGHAI - Turning China's policy of support for new energy vehicles into concrete help for its automakers is the key to any rapid advancement of the industry. So far, success with electric vehicles, hybrids and fuel cell vehicles has been achieved mainly with demonstration projects, many of which had been

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Highlights from speakers

Speakers at the 2009 Presidents' Forum made interesting comments on a variety of issues involving new energy vehicle development and the China market. -- Editor Standardization is important Standardization has a key role to play in the adoption of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. "We need to go for standards

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