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Cadillac sales spurt 53 percent to a record 26,000 in China

NEW YORK − An unexpectedly large surge in Cadillac’s China sales has brought a record performance this past year to the iconic General Motors luxury brand, establishing China as “Caddy’s” top export market. Reporting the Cadillac results at a 2012-model preview here, the division’s marketing chief, Don Butler, said that

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SAIC plans to develop electric cars with GM

SHANGHAI – Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corp. (SAIC) and General Motors (GM) signed an agreement on September 20 to co-develop a new electric vehicle platform in China, according a company press release. The platform will be built by the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, SAIC and GM’s engineering and design

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China car OK stirs GM board in Shanghai

SHANGHAI – Just as General Motors was conducting its first-ever board of directors meeting in China, U.S. automakers were acclaiming a survey that showed China-built vehicles would be considered for purchase by 38 percent of American consumers. That figure was double that of a year ago, according to the survey

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Ferrous batteries best choice for EVs

SHANGHAI - Lithium-ion batteries using iron phosphates in the cathode are the best choice for powering electric cars, a leading university researcher told the 2009 Presidents' Forum and CBU's 14th Annual International Conference. Such batteries can be recharged at least 1,500 times while retaining their useful capacity to power a

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