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CUCA 2017: China’s used vehicle market undergoing major transformation

WUHAN, Hubei – China’s used vehicle market is undergoing major transformation and industry stakeholders better recognize this and grasp new development opportunities. That was the consensus among participants at the 2017 China Used Car Assembly organized by China Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) here on July 5-7. Shen Jinjun, president of

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Report: China’s used car e-commerce has entered into a “2.0” era

BEIJING – China’s used car e-commerce has entered into a so-called “2.0” era, according to a report released by market research firm TNS Sinotrust on November 27. The report, titled Research on China’s Used-Car E-Commerce Development, concludes that thanks to the influence of “Internet+” over the last couple of years,

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Cai Xu: Used vehicle e-commerce must focus on information transparency and service

Vehicle information transparency must be taken care of if “Internet+” were to change how used vehicles are traded, according to Cai Xu, co-founder of cheyipai.com, a leading online used vehicle trade portal. “Both the seller and the buyer in a used vehicle transaction lack full knowledge of the condition and

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Cheyipai Yang Xuejian to present at CBU/CCPIT-Auto 20th annual international conference

Yang Xuejian, CEO of Beijing Super Technology Co., Ltd. (cheyipai.com) will discuss “Cheyipai's Used Vehicle Ecosystem” at CBU/CCPIT-Auto 20th annual international conference. The theme of the 20th annual international conference will be China’s Automobile Market in the Age of E-Commerce, Connected Vehicles and Green Mobility. It will be held

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