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Yuan Mingxue: Chang’an to unveil vehicles dedicated to U.S./European markets in 3 years

Chang’an Automobile Co., Ltd. plans to unveil vehicles specifically targeting U.S. and European markets in about three years, according to Yuan Mingxue, vice president of the company. “They are currently under development,” said Yuan. “R&D and systems capabilities are the fountain and strength of Chinese automakers’ participation in global competition.”

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Chinese commercial vehicles overseas ¨C “Red Ocean” vs. “Blue Ocean”

Recent years have seen a substantial increase in the export of Chinese commercial vehicles to more foreign countries. Although it is widely recognized that some Chinese commercial vehicle brands boost distinct advantages in cost, they have entered a period of strategic opportunities and major transformations. To meet these challenges, many

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Foreign automakers’ new incentive for China assembly

While small niche carmakers such as Subaru, Jaguar and Land Rover are busy planning for local production these days, existing joint ventures that assemble luxury brands such as Beijing-Benz and BMW-Brilliance are also mulling aggressive capacity expansions. Industry analysts believe that such enthusiasms among multinational carmakers are the direct result

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Beiqi-Foton establishes European headquarters in Russia

The world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, Beiqi-Foton (Foton) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the government of Moscow, representing the formal foundation of Foto's European headquarters in Russia. The Beijing-based automaker expects its Russian subsidiary to serve as its European manufacturing and operational center, and to represent a milestone

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China to cancel rules of “CBU characteristics” over auto parts import in September

A notice from five Chinese ministries headed by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) says that China is to abolish the "Import Administration of Automotive Parts and Components with CBU Characteristics (Import Administration) from September 1, 2009, a direct response to the WTO arbitration last December, according to a report

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