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GB1589-2016 key to driving China’s road transport efficiency

The release of the much-awaited GB1589-2016 national standard on outer limits for dimensions and weights of on-road commercial vehicles on July 26 is a key milestone as China embarks on a path to make its transport and logistics system safer, more efficient and sustainable. It is also going to make

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China automobile sales increase 9.75 percent in May

BEIJING – China’s automobile sales in May were up 9.75 percent from the previous year to 2.09 million units, according to data released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) on June 13. Passenger vehicle sales reached 1,793,000 units, up 11.27 percent year-on-year, while commercial vehicle sales reached 298,600 units,

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China commercial vehicle export rebounds in February

BEIJING – China commercial vehicle exports rebounded in February with unit export revenue continuing to increase. Major export destinations are developing countries such as Algeria, Vietnam and Myanmar. Major import destinations are developed countries such as the United States and Germany. Average unit export revenue is lower than unit import

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Commercial vehicle industry to benefit from deregulation of loan rate

  The People’s Bank of China (PBC) deregulated loan rate of financial institutions as of July 20, 2013 to further marketize the country’s loan system. Financial institutions are no longer required to meet the 0.7 minimum interest rates for commercial loans. According to an executive of the PBC, this reform

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