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Chinese Creating New Auto Niche Within Detroit

By BILL VLASIC, New York Times DETROIT — Dozens of companies from China are putting down roots in Detroit, part of the country’s steady push into the American auto industry. Chinese-owned companies are investing in American businesses and new vehicle technology, selling everything from seat belts to shock absorbers in

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Fallbrook’s Shanghai headquarters to supply EV transmissions

− by Mac Gordon San Diego − An advanced automotive transmission is being developed by a Chinese-American firm, with the support of the government of Shanghai's Yangpu District and the expertise of one of the U.S. auto industry's influential figures, Dr. David E. Cole, son of a former General Motors

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China’s surge captivates Traverse City seminar

TRAVERSE CITY, MI - China's surging auto market was the "elephant in the room" during the North American auto industry's annual management briefing seminars here the first week of August. "China's growth was so pervasive, in fact, that a forecast of a 400 million plus vehicle population in China by

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