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Heavy-duty truck sales up 89 percent in July: six factors behind the surge

Sales of heavy-duty trucks in the traditional slack season of July surged 89 percent to 94,000 units, continuing surprisingly strong performance so far this year. According to analysis of cvworld.cn, six major reasons are the driving force behind the surge. First, it is the imbalance between demand and supply in

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Natural gas heavy-duty truck output increase more than 6-fold in H1 2017

China sold 584,000 heavy-duty trucks in the first half of 2017, surging 72 percent on a yearly basis. Likewise, production of natural gas heavy-duty trucks continued to outpace industry growth, by far. A total of 8,430 natural gas heavy-duty trucks were produced in June 2017, up 4.9 times from the

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June heavy-duty truck sales hit historical high of 95,000 units

Heavy-duty truck sales in June hit 95,000 units, surging 60 percent from the same month last year and reaching an all-time monthly high for the month, according to the latest data from manufacturers provided to cvworld.cn. The previous record for June was 93,800 units in 2010. The heavy-duty truck market

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Executives weigh in on whether the natural gas heavy-duty truck market will remain hot

China’s natural gas heavy-duty truck market has heated up again in 2017, with production in the first four months of the year reaching 21,767 units, surging 571 percent on a yearly basis.  Monthly production growths during the hot streak were also eye-popping: with 257, 927, 587 and 666 percent in

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Heavy-duty truck sales up 43 percent in May

Heavy-duty truck sales in May were up a strong 43 percent to about 93,000 units, exceeding industry expectations, according to the latest data reported by manufacturers as compiled by cvworld.cn. It was also the second highest sales tally for the month of May over the last seven years, close to

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Natural gas heavy-duty truck production up 666 percent in April

BEIJING – China’s natural gas heavy-duty truck output increased a significant and lucky 666 percent in April to 7,042 units, according to factory output certificate data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) as reported by cvworld.cn.  The growth in April in percentage terms was even higher

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Secrets behind Dayu’s success

Dayun Auto achieved an eye-catching profit of ¥700 million ($102 million) in 2016, but through an arduous journey. Back in 2010, the first year on the market for Dayun’s heavy-duty trucks, the market was booming but there was shortage of spare parts. Even worse in 2012, the market shrank 40

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Heavy-duty truck sales up lower-than-expected 56 percent in December

A total of 76,000 heavy-duty trucks were sold in December, down 17 percent from November but still up 56 percent from December 2015, according to the latest data reported by manufacturers tabulated by cvworld.cn. December sales fell short of expectations and could not beat the historical monthly record of 79,900

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Dayun Auto joins hands with Daimler for high-end heavy-duty truck

YUNCHENG, Shanxi – Dayun Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Dayun Auto) has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Daimler AG to jointly develop a high-end heavy-duty truck, according to a report on cvnews.com.cn citing company chairman Yuan Qinshan. Based on the agreement, the two partners will establish and continue to maintain

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Heavy-duty truck sales up a new high 49 percent in October

Based on the latest data released by manufacturers as reported by cvworld.cn, a total of 67,400 heavy-duty trucks were sold in October, surging 49 percent from a year earlier and 27 percent from September. The 49 percent growth also marks the highest monthly growth yet in 2016.     New

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