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Heavy-duty truck makers jostle for bigger market shares

− by Meng Wei In 2010 sales of heavy-duty trucks in China reached over one million units, up 59.9 percent over the previous year when sales were 650,000 units. China has become the only heavy-duty truck market in the world with annual sales of more than one million units. What

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China’s new heavy-duty truck players: an overview

China’s heavy-duty truck (including whole vehicle, chassis and semi-tractor trailer) market had an unprecedented year in 2010 as sales broke through the 1million-unit annual sales mark for the first time ever. No other country has even come close to selling a million heavy-duty trucks in a single year, let alone

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Booming market attracts new comers to the heavy-duty truck industry

Growing demand in China's heavy-duty market resulted in impressive sales numbers in 2009. As the market seems increasingly appealing, more automakers traditionally specializing in other sectors of the automobile industry were attracted by new revenue opportunities and have launched product lines to compete for a share of the heavy-duty market.

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Shanzhai vehicles to challenge JV heavy-duty trucks in 2010

- by Yang Zaishun   Shanzhai literally means "mountain stronghold" in Chinese and it implies anti-authority, anti-mainstream and anti-control. Shanzhai is currently widely used in Chinese as a noun, adjective or verb, meaning "clone" or "copy." After all, China has cloned everything from overseas, including the constitutional civilization, political and

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