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Weichai Power opens innovation center in Aschaffenburg and signs design consultancy LOI with AVL

ASCHAFFENBURG, Germany – Weichai Power opened a science and technology innovation center in Aschaffenburg, Germany on November 20 and signed a design consultancy letter of interest (LOI) with AVL to jointly build a future technology innovation center at Weichai. Tan Xuguang, chairman of Weichai Power, mentioned that Weichai Power invested

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William F. Bertagni appointed president of PATAC and GM China vice president of vehicle engineering

SHANGHAI – William F. Bertagni is now new president of the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) and GM China vice president of Vehicle Engineering starting from August 1, 2017, according to a company news release. Bertagni has replaced Dr. Tobias Sünner, who will repatriate to Europe. “We appreciate the

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Products on show at Auto Shanghai 2017 reflects pros and cons of Chinese brand heavy-duty trucks (II)

Auto Shanghai 2017 had 18 heavy-duty trucks on display, and they reflected both pros and cons of Chinese heavy-duty trucks.   Poor interior build quality may lead to low sales Many Chinese heavy-duty truck makers that displayed trucks at the show had very good features and equipment, some even surpassing

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Auto Shanghai 2017 reveals the good and bad of Chinese heavy-duty trucks

Auto Shanghai 2017 was dominated by passenger vehicles as it usually does with many commercial vehicle manufacturers shunning the show. But I did have an opportunity on the second to last day of the show to walk Hall 3H which was dedicated to commercial vehicles and had a handful of

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Designer Roundtable: Asian designers to lead design at non-Asian brands

Asian designers will eventually lead non-Asian automotive brands in the future, projected Richard Chung, vice president, industrial design and craftsmanship, Global Interiors, Johnson Controls. “The talents that are being produced in Korea, China and India, we see a lot of potentially good designers,” said Chung. According to Chung, he has

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Internet wave will not affect diversification of car desig

While smartphones and tablets are becoming homogenized, independent designers and design directors from OEMs do not believe the rising internet wave will affect the future diversification of car designs. “Characteristics such as status, individuality and passion that automobiles bring to humans cannot be easily replaced by smart phones or the

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