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Volkswagen’s e-mobility offensive in China “coming at the right time”

BEIJING – Volkswagen Group’s key message at this year’s Auto China 2018 in Beijing was “People’s Mobility.” To support that, the world’s largest automaker and the leading foreign automaker in China is earmarking €15 billion through 2022 with its joint venture partners for e-mobility, autonomous driving, digitalization and new mobility

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Didi’s D-Alliance with 31 auto industry partners to build integrated car operator platform

BEIJING – Didi Chuxing, the world’s leading mobile transportation platform, announced the launch of the Didi Auto Alliance, or “D-Alliance,” with 31 auto industry partners on April 24. The 31 founding partners span the areas of OEM, parts and components manufacturing, EV services and digital map services, and include: BAIC,

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SSE approves Didi Chuxing’s £¤10 billion shelf offering of supply chain finance ABS

BEIJING – Didi Chuxing’s (DiDi) program for a ¥10 billion shelf offering of a supply chain finance asset-backed security product received a no-objection letter from the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) on March 19, making it the first asset-backed securities supporting the new transportation supply chain finance economy. The scale of

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NEVS and DiDi partner up to provide EVs for mobility services

TROLLHATTAN, Sweden – National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) AB and DiDi Chuxing, the world’s leading mobile transportation platform, have signed a strategic partnership here to develop an electric vehicle fully optimized for the mobility services that DiDi is offering. A number of other steps toward an extensive cooperation were also finalized. The

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Volkswagen Group China and eHi Car Services sign MOU to explore luxury mobility-on-demand services in China

BEIJING/SHANGHAI – Volkswagen Group China and eHi Car Services Ltd., a leading car rentals and car services provider in China, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly explore luxury mobility-on-demand services in China, the two companies said in statements on September 29. Both parties will leverage innovative technologies, rapidly

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Renrenche gets fresh $200 million financing round from DiDi Chuxing

BEIJING – Renrenche.com, a leading e-commerce platform for C2C used vehicle transaction, announced on September 25 that it has received a fresh $200 million financing round from DiDi Chuxing to support the rapid development of its scale-up strategy. The two sides will have all-around and in-depth cooperation to jointly build

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Car hailing market cools down despite sharing economy boom

The ride-hailing market seems to be cooling down. Starting from March 20, drivers who do not have Beijing’s local car license plates find that they cannot receive ride orders when running in Beijing’s downtown areas from Didi Chuxing, China’s leading ride-hailing platform. Didi suggests those drivers to continue to run

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Shared economy to drive car-sharing business

A key word for the Chinese car industry in 2016 would definitely be shared economy. Take the car hailing service industry as an example. Creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and offering hundreds of millions of rides nationwide, the industry witnessed a boom and then a reshuffle marked by Didi

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