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Delphi Technologies sees gasoline, diesel and electrification systems driving China growth, says CEO Butterworth

SHANGHAI – Delphi Technologies sees three major product systems categories driving its growth in China: gasoline, diesel and electrification, according to CEO Liam Butterworth. Butterworth made the comments at the company’s media roundtable held in Shanghai on March 13. “While we don’t disclose numbers for China, three major products capture

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Internal combustion engine sales up 4.11 percent in 2017 to 56.45 million units

BEIJING – China sold more than 56.45 million internal combustion engines (ICE) in 2017, up 4.11 percent, according to data released by China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association (CICEIA) on January 30. Diesel engine sales grew faster than gasoline engine sales but gasoline engines still accounted for the bulk of

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Continental to introduce HTS and DPS exhaust gas sensor tech to Chinese market

SHANGHAI – Continental is bringing its latest exhaust gas sensor technology to the Chinese market to meet stringent motor vehicle emissions standards, the technology company said in a statement on January 30. Continental’s smart High Temperature Sensor (HTS) and Differential Pressure Sensor (DPS) are designed to offer fast response and

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Key policies and regulations for the commercial vehicle industry in 2018

The commercial vehicle industry drove China’s auto market in 2017 thanks to a slew of policies, non-bigger than the GB1589-2016 standards on dimensions and loading as well as the new China 5 emissions standards. What are key laws and regulations that are already in place or are on the horizon

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Thirteen ministries and commissions issue new regulation promoting natural gas use

BEIJING – Thirteen ministries and commissions including the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Transportation jointly released The Opinions on Accelerating the Utilization of Natural Gas on June 23. The Opinion requires various industries to accelerate the natural gas utilization, improve the proportion of natural gas in

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China V emissions standards for heavy-duty diesel vehicles to go into effect July 1

BEIJING – China’s stage five emissions standards for heavy-duty diesel vehicles will go into effect on July 1, which means that all heavy-duty diesel vehicles manufactured, imported, sold and registered in China on and after this date must meet the China V emissions standards. According to the Notice on Implementing

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Fuel consumption limits on heavy-duty vehicles: a trigger of industry “shock”?

The Fuel Consumption Limits of Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles (Stage III, draft for comment) has been completed and submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) for approval. The following reveals some important information before the official release of the draft.   Major aim: reduce fuel consumption Vehicle diesel

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Sustainable transport requires fewer trucks and less waste

This week’s issue features an interesting prediction from Yao Wei, our guest columnist and chief editor from truck and bus portal find800.cn, on how many heavy-duty trucks will be sold in 2016. By simply using July and January-July heavy-duty truck sales from the past 18 years and a linear regression

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