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The Byton bet and the challenge to deliver that different interior experience

Interviewing Dr. Daniel Kirchert and listening to him respond in Chinese is as a strange experience as test riding the Byton Concept with that huge rectangle screen running across the front windshield and interacting with it not by touching but by hand gesture in the air or through a “pad”

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New normal: traditional car guys joining startup carmakers looking for change

Aside from slowing growth down to the single digits, which many coin as the “new normal” of China’s auto industry, another “new normal” is also taking shape in the HR talent front as companies race to build smart EVs: senior executives jumping ship from traditional carmakers and joining new startups.

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The battle for talent at Internet startups

One after another, senior executives are leaving traditional OEMs and joining emerging startups of Internet carmakers. Dr. Daniel Kirchert, president of Dongfeng-Infiniti Motor, is the latest high-profile executive to make such a move, joining Harmony Futeng as COO. Harmony Futeng is a smart EV joint venture established 10 months ago

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