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The hype on truck electrification and the China factor

There have been rising discussion and debate on the electrification of trucks, in particular heavy-duty trucks, ever since Tesla unveiled its Semi last year. This was evident again at this year’s “Two Sessions” that ended yesterday, which had a number of executives in the heavy-duty vehicle sector proposing a wide variety

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Auto execs seek regulatory support on buses, trucks and emissions regulations at “Two Sessions”

BEIJING – The First Annual Session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) and the First Session of the 13th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), known as the “Two Sessions” held each year by China’s top legislative and advisory bodies, were held from March 3-20 this year. Delegates and

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Low-speed EVs on high note after MIIT comment and Zhidou approval

  The low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) is getting a major boost after the approval of one of the leading and most prominent LSEV manufacturers and an official response on their future administration), both coming from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), which oversees the production approval of automobile

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Chery and WEY knocking on Europe’s door with EXEED TX and XEV global debuts

FRANKFURT – They came, they saw, and they are looking to conquer. That is clearly the intention of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. and Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd., who showed up at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September for the first time ever eager to enter one of the most

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William Li: NIO to launch ES8 in mid-December, industry clearly developing toward smart EVs

TIANJIN – NIO plans to launch its first series production model – the ES8 electric SUV – in mid-December and smart electric vehicles is clearly a development direction for future automobiles and must be software-driven and offer an integrated service experience, according to company founder and chairman William Li. Li

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Chery ponders India foray with Tata Motors

Chinese car makers are increasingly looking towards hiking their stakes in the high growth Indian automobile market, and are actively exploring their cooperation with Indian partners in their home base and drive in to the India market. The latest new entrant showing interest is Chery, which already has a partnership

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The death of the 50:50 JV equity rule and the traditional fuel vehicle?

The Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) sort of responded to a recent Bloomberg report that China is considering letting foreign carmakers set up wholly-owned ventures to produce electric vehicles inside China’s free-trade zones when its spokesman said at a regular conference on September 21 that China is working on measures to

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