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Minister of Science and Technology illustrates technical route of NEV development

The Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang introduced the R&D route and future prospects of China’s electric vehicle industry at the 2016 China Auto Forum in Beijing in late April. According to Wan, China is endeavoring to double the battery energy density and halve production cost in the

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Beijing to ban non-local trucks from entering 6th ring road

BEIJING – Beijing plans to relocate all container distributing centers and logistics parks to regions outside of the city and ban non-local trucks from entering the 6th ring road, according to motor vehicle emissions management department of the Beijing Environmental Production Bureau (BEPB). Inner city transportation tasks will be taken

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Supervision key to emission reduction and standards upgrading

“Around 80 to 90 percent of heavy-duty trucks entering Beijing at night are State-I, II and III-emissions standards-compliant vehicles simply wearing State-IV emissions standards labels,” said Li Kunsheng, director of motor vehicle emissions administration from Beijing’s Environmental Protection Bureau at the recently held 2015 International Forum (TEDA) on Chinese Automotive

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Beijing to establish diesel engine vehicle database against fake eco-label

BEIJING – Beijing will build a database for non-local diesel engine heavy-duty trucks in the next one to two years to reinforce vehicle supervision, according to Li Kunsheng, director of Motor Vehicle Emission Management Department, Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, reported National Business Daily. According to the spot check result for

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Are commercial vehicles the culprit of smog pollution?

The State-IV emissions standards that have been postponed several times were finally implemented nationally at the beginning of this year. The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) has endeavored in persuading the government to coordinate the supply and supervision of fuel and AdBlue to guarantee the implementation of the new

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“Under the Dome” video documentary to impact industry in four ways

“Under the Dome” – the video documentary about China’s smog problems directed by veteran China Central Television (CCTV) investigative journalist Chai Jing has aroused heated discussion among the public and the industry since it was aired online on February 28. The documentary disclosed chronic malady of the commercial vehicle industry

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Guangzhou to eliminate more than 15,000 yellow-labeled vehicles

GUANGZHOU – Guangdong provincial government plans to eliminate 15,343 yellow-labeled vehicles in Guangzhou this year to improve the air quality in the capital city of the province, according to the Notice of Plan on Subsidies for Eliminating Yellow-Labeled Vehicles and Rewards for Improving Boiler in 2014 recently released by the

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Heavy-duty trucks at night heavily pollute Beijing

BEIJING – The air pollution caused by heavy traffic has disturbed the citizens of Beijing for many years. When millions of passenger vehicles stop running at night, is Beijing able to enjoy a clear night? The answer is “No.” According to Li Kunsheng, director of Motor Vehicle Emission Management Department,

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