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Hualing releases heavy-duty truck engines at Bauma China 2012

  SHANGHAI – Hualing Xingma Group officially released its self-manufactured heavy-duty truck engines and transmissions on November 27 during the Bauma China 2012, reported cvworld.cn. The two engines, namely the 9.84L CM6D18 and 11.81L CM6D28 engines, adopt a Bosch high-pressure common rail system with regular power of 309 kW and

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JAC-Navistar joint venture showcases engines in Beijing

BEIJING – Anhui JAC Navistar Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (JAC-Navistar), which was established on August 23, made its debut at the 11th International Exhibition on Internal Combustion Engine held here on September 12. At the event, which was participated by more than 200 engine makers home and abroad, JAC-Navistar showcased

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Volkswagen to investigate possible FAW infringement on transmissions, engines

  BEIJING – Volkswagen AG claimed it will start an investigation on whether Chinese partner FAW Group has stolen Volkswagen’s engine and transmission designs, reported auto.sina.com.cn on July 27. According to a report from Germany’s business daily Handelsblatt, FAW’s plant in Changchun, without receiving permission from Volkswagen, counterfeited Volkswagen’s MQ

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Volkswagen opens first engine reprocessing facility in China

DALIAN, Liaoning – Volkswagen Group opened an engine reprocessing facility in Dalian, northeast China’s Liaoning Province on August 27, according to a company press release. The plant is designed to reprocess 15,000 engines per year. The reprocessed engines will allow Chinese drivers to benefit for the first time from genuine

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JAC signs two joint venture agreements with NC2 and Navistar

- by Lei Xing and Toni Li Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. (JAC) signed a formal joint venture agreement on September 16 with NC2, itself a joint venture between Navistar International Corp. (Navistar) and Caterpillar, to develop, build and market advanced medium and heavy-duty trucks in China. At the signing

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