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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! While the full year numbers are not yet out for the heavy-duty truck and bus markets as of the date of publication of this issue, we can be certain that 2017 was yet another banner year for both segments. This issue features highlights from a few business conferences from

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CAFC + NEV “dual credit” policy update sets auto industry on new path

China has established a new blueprint for its auto industry on June 13 by updating draft policies involving Passenger Vehicle Corporate Average Fuel Consumption (CAFC) and New Energy Vehicle Credits. Quite similar with the first edition released last September by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) , this

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Five takeaways from five Sino-German auto deals during Premier Li’s official state visit

During Premier Li Keqiang’s official state visit to Germany in early June, five major deals involving Chinese and German automotive OEMs, suppliers and tech companies in the area of EVs and smart mobility were signed. On May 31, Continental signed an agreement with China’s smart EV startup to collaborate on

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Porsche to prioritize customer and dealer satisfaction over volume growth in China

BEIJING – Quality, rather than volume, will be the primary focus of Porsche in China this year as the German sports car brand seeks to maintain momentum in what is now its largest global market two consecutive years running. That was the message from Franz Jung, president and CEO of

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Shared economy to drive car-sharing business

A key word for the Chinese car industry in 2016 would definitely be shared economy. Take the car hailing service industry as an example. Creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and offering hundreds of millions of rides nationwide, the industry witnessed a boom and then a reshuffle marked by Didi

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China’s heavy-duty truck market in 2016: key highlights (II)

China’s heavy-duty truck market is winding down to be a year of surprising growth, with sales expected to rise more than 30 percent to over 700,000 units (actual sales reported by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers were 733,000 units, up 33 percent). What were some of the key highlights? Commercial

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Geely moves into commercial vehicles: a “long journey?”

It has been a busy year for Geely as far as launching new brands is concerned. A week after launching its new passenger vehicle brand LYNK & CO in Gothenburg and Berlin as potentially a “Volkswagen killer,” the private carmaker and owner of Volvo Cars launched Yuancheng Auto – a

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Renault to establish autonomous driving demo zone in Wuha

WUHAN, Hubei – Renault Group, together with its Chinese joint venture Dongfeng-Renault and Wuhan Caidian Ecological Development Group, plans to establish the French automaker’s first autonomous driving demonstration zone here. The three parties signed an MOU on September 25 on the sidelines of the 3rd Sino-French Urban Sustainable Development Forum

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