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Ford’s all new focus: getting fit and healthy as China 2025 Plan takes off

CHONGQING – Peter Fleet, Ford’s group vice president and president of Asia Pacific, admitted that sales of the U.S. automaker in China will continue to be down for the remainder of this year as it focuses on efforts to streamline its sales network and begins a new round of product

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Apollo lands in Xiong’an: Baidu tests its autonomous vehicle fleet south of Beijing

XIONG’AN, Hebei – Baidu’s Apollo autonomous vehicle fleet “landed” here on December 20 and made a series of test runs over a stretch of roads about 4-km long. The Apollo Board also had its first meeting there on the same day. The Apollo Board consists of Baidu and nine other

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WABCO and FAW Jiefang sign strategic cooperation framework agreement

BRUSSELS, Belgium – WABCO Holdings Inc. and FAW Jiefang Automotive Company signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement here on June 27. The two partners will work together to advance braking systems, chassis components and other technologies to enhance the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicles and fleet operators in China.

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Eleven central government departments try on electric vehicles

BEIJING – Eleven central government departments in Beijing have adopted 23 new energy vehicles for fleet demonstration, a project that is initiated by the Government Offices Administration of the State Council, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Ministry of Science and Technology. The 23 new energy cars are provided

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