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DHT hybrid power to be the mainstream in Chinese automotive industry

SHANGHAI – DHT (dedicated hybrid transmission) hybrid power will gain more market share in China’s automotive industry due to the stringent environmental protection laws and regulations as well as drivers’ increasing environmental awareness. These were the conclusions from the 5th CTI Symposium China held in Shanghai from September 21 to September 23. DHT hybrid power is

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Smart EVs to alter how vehicle manufacturing is done in China

This issue of CBU-SmartEV features the first part of recap of our 21st Annual International Conference on doing automotive business in China – Smart EV: How it Defines Made-in-China 2025 – held last month, and the first part of an interesting dialogue between Frank Zhao, dean of the Tsinghua Automotive

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Interview with Lu Qun, chairman of Qiantu Motors

The following is a dialogue between Frank Zhao, dean of the Tsinghua Automotive Strategy Research Institute (TASRI) and Lu Qun, chairman of Qiantu Motor, a subsidiary of CH-Auto Technology Co., Ltd. headquartered in Beijing. The dialogue was featured on Phoenix Auto during the Beijing Auto Show in late April. Zhao

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Technology revolution will disrupt manufacturers but not the industry

The 2015 7th China Auto Blue Book Forum, organized by Automotive Business Review (Qiche Shangye Pinglun), was held on May 9 in Beijing. With a theme of Reboot, China’s Auto industry From Four Angles, the Forum discussed and debated how smarter vehicles, electrification, e-commerce and sharing will transform and opportunities

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Factors affecting China’s auto market size in next decade

BEIJING – The size of China’s automotive market in the next decade will be affected by the factors including new urbanization, demand release in 3rd-, 4th- and 5th-tier cities, domestic and foreign policies involving the auto industry and status of auto industry in the national strategy, according to executives in

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Executives and officials discuss state of industry at Tianjin forum

The annual International Forum (TEDA) on China Automotive Industry Development, with a theme of “Responsibility and the Future,” was held in Tianjin on September 6-8. Around 700 automotive executives, government and industry association officials and the media came together to discuss topics including new energy vehicles, automobile export, safety, pollution

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“Sea turtles plus ground beetles” at Chang’an Auto

“Sea turtles” or overseas returnees (a take on the Chinese word haigui) have traversed a bumpy road after returning to China looking for a career in the nation’s automobile industry. Some argue that Chinese enterprises have not been able to fully utilize such talented individuals with advanced degrees overseas. The

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