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Winners and losers: 2016 PV CAFC and NEV credits for 124 companies announced

BEIJING – The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs and State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine jointly released results of 2016 Corporate Average Fuel Consumption (CAFC) and New Energy Vehicle (NEV) credits for 96 domestic passenger vehicle manufacturers and 28

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Scania’s secret to being on top in China: selling TOE rather than just trucks

Whether it was the lower fuel consumption, faster speeds, or higher ton-km per liter, the vehicle operational data revealed by Mats Harborn on Scania’s trucks running in China compared with global averages were quite stunning given that China is not yet so efficient when it comes to transport logistics. In

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Vofon eyes JV customers after 1 millionth turbocharger production milestone

NINGBO, Zhejiang – Dr. Tony Chen thanked several groups of people as Vöfon Turbo Systems (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. celebrated the production of its 1 millionth turbocharger here on December 6: OEM and supplier partners, Vöfon’s employees and relevant government authorities at both the national and local levels. But the biggest

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MIIT issues CAFC credit trade off and carry over requirements for 2016 and 2017

BEIJING – The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued the Notice on the Management of Passenger Vehicle Corporate Average Fuel Consumption (CAFC) for 2016 and 2017 on November 3. According to the Notice, companies that incurred negative CAFC credits in 2016 can trade off their negative credits with

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Highlights from heavy-duty truck manufacturers’ 2017 business conferences (I)

The year 2016 marked a significant rebound of the heavy-duty truck market thanks large in part to policies such as the implementation of the GB1589-2016 standards on sizes, weights and loads as well as Ministry of Transport’s clamp down on overloading and oversizing. As a result, heavy-duty truck sales jumped

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The era of e-commerce, connected vehicles and green mobility

Happy New Year! With 2014 behind us, it is tough to conclude with one or two things that have shaped the industry. There have been many significant news and events over the past year. China remained as the world’s largest new vehicle market with sales topping 23 million units. There

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China to toughen supervisions on CAFC

BEIJING – Supervisions on passenger vehicle corporate average fuel consumption will be toughened as part of China’s efforts to promote advanced energy-saving technologies and speed up automotive industrial restructuring and upgrading, announced the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) on May 7. According to the Passenger Vehicle Corporate Average

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Pollution charge could benefit small-displacement vehicles

– by Zheng Xueqin China could begin collecting pollution charges for automobiles by the end of this year, according to industry insiders. If that happens, the added cost will force consumers to consider more fuel efficient vehicles and automakers will intensify their efforts to upgrade vehicle technologies and develop more

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