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Sino-U.S. JV developing motorsport venue with a commercial twist

CHONGQING – A Sino-U.S. joint venture would rollout V1 Auto World by the end of 2018, a premiere end-to-end automobile destination spread over 650,000 square meters integrating world-class motorsports with innovative automotive commerce and leisure. The project involves investment of ¥6 billion by the New York-based Waitex Group and Hong

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BorgWarner expanding plants in China as vehicle electrification intensifies

CHONGQING – BorgWarner plans to offer all kinds of technologies that the China market requires whether it is combustion, hybrid or electric. “Combustion powered vehicle remains an important vehicle type and BorgWarner continues to offer leading technologies there,” emphasized James R. Verrier, president and CEO of BorgWarner. Verrier made the

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Future vehicles to be safer, more eco-friendly and connected

Future vehicles would be safer, more eco-friendly and connected, according to Simon Yang, president of Delphi China and managing director of Delphi Connection System’s electronic architecture. “The mix of active safety performance requirements, tightening energy-saving and emissions control policies, standardization and vehicular infotainment system safety prompt auto OEMs to collaborate

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Industry on the eve of vehicle and internet integratio

The industry is on the eve of integration with the internet, said James Qin, former CEO of Autohome Inc., a vertical portal with the world’s largest online traffic providing vehicle related services. “Internet in its essence is a kind of infrastructure. It is the biggest communication network and most powerful

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Chen Zhixin: SAIC Motor to build new besieged city of auto industry instead of guarding the old one

SAIC Motor will not guard the besieged city of traditional auto industry, but to build a new one, according to Chen Zhixin, president of China’s largest automaker. “The current auto industry is like a besieged city, those who are outside want to get in and those who are inside want

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